TGFA accept members (as individual, group and or business entity) who are legally operates and involved/ practice in farming, agriculture and agri-business related value chains including food processing, supply and promotions whether at local, regional and international levels whether in agricultural services or products as in production, advisory services, input supply, marketing, promotion, advertisement, ICT and Media, transport, processing and value addition, trading in sub sectors of crop/ cereals, horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, livestock and poultry, forestry and agro forestry can legally be members as graduate farmers hence they qualified for TGFA membership.

Based on a principle of universal representation, there is no need to register as a member to contribute to policy development or reforms. In this case all those engaged in agriculture can bring policy concerns to the association.

The types of membership are described below:

  • Founder members

These comprise of those very first people to generate and share the ideas of bringing about agriculture revolution in Tanzania using highly trained cadres.  The Patron, an Agriculture Economist and twelve other members form this category.

  • Individual and Ordinary members

All Tanzanians residing within or outside the country who are interested in TGFA and its aims and objectives qualify to become members. Individual members shall have the full rights and privileges of membership and are eligible to vote and to hold office in the Association. These comprise of other members (Proffessionals and practitioners) who wish to participate in farming. Acceptance for membership will depend on the requirement of a certain expertise and expansion of the Association’s projects.

  • Honorary members

The Association and Divisions may elect as Honorary Members persons who are not members of the Association. Honorary Members shall normally be selected on the basis of the candidate’s significant contribution to, or support of, TGFA aims and objectives.

  • Sustaining members

Sustaining Membership shall be companies, organizations or persons who are interested in the objectives of TGFA. Sustaining Membership provides organizations and corporations the opportunity to partner themselves with TGFA in support of Tanzania agricultural development. Sustaining members are entitled to special services as determined by the TGFA Executive Committee. Sustaining members are classified in terms of their donations to TGFA as defined in the constitution.