Track Profiled records (Selected)

  1. TGFA is the founding member of Tanzania Association of Agricultural Practitioners and Proffessionals (TAAPP) in 2014.
  2. TGFA continue to organize and Facilitate different Agricultural and related business learning events targeting the Agricultural Practitioners and Proffessionals for sharing experience and innovative ideas. Water availability and accessibility for resolving conflicts between farmers and pastoralists in Kilosa is a Project which involve three TGFA members and others. The Project is funded by PANTIL (Program for Agricultural and Natural resources Transformation for Improved Livelihood) funded by Royal Norwegian Embassy (RNE), in collaboration with The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (Tanzania) and Sokoine University of Agriculture. Sokoine University of Agriculture, Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies, P.O. Box 3151, Morogoro, Tanzania. 
  3. TGFA is an active member of ANSAF, TPSF, TCCIA, YPARD, AgriProFocus, EAGC and other reputable TISIs and Agricultural workgroups with in Tanzania.
  4. TGFA is an active member of ANSAF, TPSF, TCCIA, YPARD, AgriProFocus, EAGC and other reputable TISIs and Agricultural workgroups with in Tanzania.
  5. TGFA is the host of Young Proffessionals for Agricultural Development ( YPARD) since 2013.
  6. TGFA is the founding member of the Youth in Agribusiness Forum (TYIAF) in march 2013 and they continue to support the activities of the forum including hosting and facilitation the learning events.
  7. TGFA has collaborated with CTA to prepare and facilitate the learning event on web 2.0 and Social Media on 2013 and 2014.
  8. TGFA has collaborated with AMSHA group in Kilwa district to establish Amsha Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship (EA) Limited which aims to deal with holistic rural development approach to the advantage of rural and urban (graduate) farmers.
  9. Development of Conservation Enterprises Business Plan for Makame Wildlife Management Area (23rd January – 18th February 2012) consulted by AWF.
  10. Training TACTO Board of Directors about Advocacy, policy dialogue and Mitigation measures. Consulted by TTB. December 6-7 2011
  11. Review Cultural Tourism Enterprises (CTEs) Business Plans developed some years back and assist the one without plans to be able to develop their business plans and train the CTEs to do efficient marketing and develop quality marketing & promotion tools. Consulted by TTB. 19th -23rd September 2011. 
  12. Establishing sugarcane out-growers system and training for Zanzibar sugar factory Ltd. by TGFA funded by CDE 2009-2010
  13. Technical Assistance for implementing an out-grower training program for Zanzibar Sugar Factory Limited. Client Centre for the Development of Enterprise Regional Office of Eastern Africa, P. O. Box 49568-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
  14. Construction of modern dams for storage of water for livestock in order to minimize environmental damage and conflicts between farmers and pastoralists in Mpwapwa. 
  15. June 2009, Training milk producers of Shambani Graduates Enterprises Limited on hygienic milk production and milk handling from production point to delivery at the collection centre.
  16. May 2009, Market research for Shambani Graduates Enterprises Limited in Morogoro to analyze strengths and weaknesses of sales department, investigate what customers like and dislike about the company products, and investigate potential opportunities for milk products in the market.
  17. Needs assessment for introduction of valuable fodder agro forestry plants in Gairo
  18. Assist Shambani Graduates Enterprise Ltd in milk collection centre establishment, grouping and preparing farmers for milk supply in Ngerengere – Morogoro Rural District.
  19. Development a strategy for processing and marketing of Marula fruits in Iringa, Morogoro and Rombo.
  20. Feasibility study on potential avenues for establishment of beekeeping project in Rombo district.
  21. Marketing and Management to various German Logistics Companies and Institutions (as part of Practical internship – September, 2002); Germany.
  22. A Survey on Dairy Stakeholder Organizations in Tanzania
  23. Cheese Market Study in Tanzania (March – June 2006), a project demanded by Tanzania Milk Processors Association (TAMPA), P.O. Box 71202, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Tel: 0222450426. Email: The project was funded by Centre for Development of Enterprise (CDE).