TGFA through her well experienced and skilled personnel/consultants have run various projects and learning events as well as in collaboration with other consulting units including Apex Organization of Consultants in Tanzania in research, trainings and academic institutions such as Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute among others. To date TGFA has more than 2000 active members among them 100 are regional and district representatives and 60 ambassadors. Also TGFA has 5500 online members/ followers who get updates and subscribe to our activity list.  

Apart from that TGFAis hosting Young Professionals in Agricultural Development (YPARD) and is also a member of other apex organizations such as ACT, TAHA, TPSF, TCCIA and EAGC Tanzania. Also TGFA continue to strengthening its network by collaborating and participate in organized learning events, discussions and programs organizations such as REPOA, ESRF, ANSAF, AMSHA, TPSF, TAHA, TCCIA Morogoro, FAO, WFP and Africare.

Currently TGFA is working with NEEC, CHIPUA, MuCO, UDBS, COSTECH in promoting agropreneurs through Agribusiness learning and ICT4Agri as well as  and it has been able to develop and strengthening the partnership with Agri Profocus Tanzania (Previous known as AgriHub Tanzania) for Promoting farmers Entrepreneurship through online Platforms and Forums. TGFA is a member of Youth in Agriculture, Input, Horticulture and Pulses innovation group in AgriProfocus and is permanent now a leading consultant for Launching and Organizing Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum (TYIAF) which was launched in Morogoro on 11th may 2013 with other road shows conducted in Lindi and Manyara (2014) and in Dar es Salaam in August 2015 . TGFA is continuing to work closely as being a member of Agrihub Tanzania to Promote, Mobilize and Influence youth involvement in Agribusiness.